Two years later, woman's unemployment woes continue

Posted at 11:23 PM, May 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-19 23:23:39-04

BOYLE COUNTY (LEX 18) — A woman from Danville told LEX 18 she has a lot more pressing issues on her mind than the state's record-low unemployment rate.

On the same day Governor Andy Beshear announced that the state's unemployment rate for April 2022 reached 3.9%, Kimberly Vanwinkle recounted for LEX 18 how she has tried to navigate an unemployment system that has left her feeling dejected.

"That money is my money," Vanwinkle said. "That's what it's there for."

Vanwinkle, who is unable to work at the moment due to health issues, said she first tried to file unemployment during the pandemic in March 2020.

"I never could get it to go through," Vanwinkle said.

She told LEX 18 that she encountered issues filing for unemployment because her previous claim in 2010 was under her maiden name. Her financial information, meanwhile, was under her married name. She claimed the system was not able to reconcile the differences.

"[An employee said] 'We'll get it fixed,'" she recounted. "'Someone will call you back.'"