Winchester residents reach their boiling point

Posted at 3:59 PM, Sep 19, 2019

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — Elizabeth Dawson left very little to the imagination when describing the quality of water coming out of the faucets in her home.

"It looks like what you would see in the toilet after somebody has been in there," Dawson said.

Across the street, Tomora Zappa didn't need to be nearly as descriptive to get her point across.

"I have to get them [her kids] out of the tub because the water is all brown," Zappa said.

Sylvania Avenue residents in Winchester have apparently been dealing with a rinse and repeat situation as it related to this water issue for several years.

Winchester Municipal Utilities will come and flush the line through a fire hydrant, the water will be free of color for about two weeks, then it will become discolored and they will have to go through the entire process all over again.

WMU Interim General Manager Kenneth Dryden said he is aware of the problem and claimed that it could be fixed soon.

"We've had a main line replacement program for more than twenty years. So, we get to them, knock off as many in a year. This one will definitely get bumped to the top of the list," said Dryden.

Dawson and Zappa can only hope that's the case, as this issue has ruined clothing at their respective homes and even changed the color of Dawson's hair.

"A dirty yellow," said said, while describing what happened. "I earned my white hairs and I like them!" she added.

Dawson said there are times when you can see the brown residue settling towards the bottom of a drinking glass. This is likely from rusting in the pipes.

On Thursday night, Sylvania Avenue residents, many of whom have signed a petition, will be able to discuss the problem with civic leaders during a commission meeting. The hope is the discussing will lead to a permanent solution.

"We'll look tonight and determine when we can do it. Hopefully in the near term," said Dryden.

Until then, you can only imagine what the water will continue to look like in Dawson and Zappa's homes.