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‘Immediate Playing Time’ Will Be Factor In Wandale Robinson’s College Choice But Distance Will Not Be

Posted at 4:44 AM, Oct 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-25 04:44:05-04


One week from today Western Hills star Wandale Robinson will announce his college choice during a press conference at the high school.

Wandale Robinson with his father, Dale Robinson.

He narrowed his list of over 25 scholarship offers to six schools — Alabama, Nebraska, Alabama, Ohio State, Purdue and Michigan — months ago. Rumors are circulating that he made his commitment video weeks ago even though he’s been telling everyone he’s not made a college choice. Reports have surfaced he’s narrowed his list to just Nebraska, Ohio State and Kentucky.

Wandale’s father, Dale Robinson, says not to believe all the social media speculation.

“We have been discussing a few things. Just the pros and cons of different schools,” Dale Robinson said. “Things like academics, what is the best fit for him. We look at the offense at each school and what the school has coming in and look at how previous players have done in the offense.

“We have got to do our job. We just can’t listen to what every coach tells us and not do our own research. This is a big decision and you want to make sure you consider everything.”

Western Hills ends regular season play Friday by hosting Harrison County before opening the Class AAA playoffs at Lawrence County Nov. 2. Robinson has averaged 10.4 yards per run and has 1,560 yards and 25 touchdowns this season. He’s completed eight of 10 passes for 173 yards — 21.5 yards per completion — and caught 17 passes for 367 yards — 22 yards per catch — and seven scores. He also has two kick returns for touchdowns and one interception for another touchdown. He leads the state with 214 points. If that’s not enough, he has a team-high 85 tackles.

“Some kids do not play good with all the recruiting attention,” Dale Robinson said. “He got used to it and learned to adjust and adapt to it. He’s been able to keep doing what he does on the field and not the let recruiting be a distraction.”

ESPN and have Robinson as a top-40 athlete in the country while 247Sports rates him as the No. 4 all-purpose back in the 2019 recruiting class.

Dale Robinson says “immediate playing time” will be a factor in his son’s college choice. Wandale Robinson will graduate in December and start college in January.

“Now top freshmen want to make an impact, not redshirt,” Dale Robinson said. “At any of his six schools, he could make an impact right away. Kick returner, punt returner, every down player. He might have to rotate (with other players) but he can do what he wants. He’s worked to be ready for this opportunity.”

Wandale Robinson made it clear early that his college choice would not be based on location. His father says that has not changed.

“Distance is not a factor,” Dale Robinson said. “Let’s say he goes close to home and then is not happy. I want him to be happy no matter where he goes. You can’t put a distance or price on happiness. He has to do what he thinks is best for him and will make him happy. No one else can tell him what that is.”