Yankees manager Aaron Boone takes medical leave of absence, team announces

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Posted at 2:49 PM, Mar 03, 2021

The New York Yankees announced Wednesday that skipper Aaron Boone was taking an immediate medical leave of absence.

According to the Yankees, Boone's immediate leave is to receive a pacemaker, the team said on Twitter.

The baseball organization added that Boone's surgery would take place Wednesday in Tampa Bay at St. Joseph's Hospital.

Boone, 47, who is entering his fourth season as Yankees manager, had open-heart surgery in 2009 to replace his bicuspid aortic valve. He returned to play for the Houston Astros that September, ESPN reported.

"As many of you know, I underwent open-heart surgery in 2009, and I wanted everyone to understand where I’m at regarding the procedure that’s taking place today," Boone said in a statement. "Over the last six to eight weeks, I’ve had mild symptoms of lightheadedness, low energy, and shortness of breath. As a result, I underwent a series of tests and examinations in New York prior to the beginning of spring training, including multiple visits with a team of heart specialists. While the heart checkup came back normal, there were indications of a low heart rate which, after further consultations with doctors in Tampa, necessitates a pacemaker."

On Sunday the team started its exhibition season and was slated to play its fourth game on Wednesday against the Toronto Blue Jays in Tampa, The Associated Press reported.

In Boone’s absence, bench coach Carlos Mendoza would likely assume managerial duties, MLB reported.