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Lockridge Park brings glamping with a twist to Garrard County

Posted at 7:00 PM, Jun 28, 2024

LANCASTER, Ky. (LEX 18) — Take a left on Chenault Bridge Road from KY 34 and you’re in the right place for play time and break time.

Here, Lockridge Park feels like a summer retreat. Kids play volleyball, families sit around picnic tables, and parents lounge in lawn chairs.

But it’s what’s beyond the seemingly normal scene that’s worth a second look.

Lockridge Park is one part snack shop, one part wedding venue, and one part campground. Yet the camping is more like glamping, and the glamping is utterly unique.

Visitors have their choice of staying the night in an 18th century Conestoga wagon, a semi truck shipping container, or a concrete tube.

“We wanted different units everywhere,” said Brian Lockhart. “More glamping because not everyone wants to go camping,” chimed in Heather Lockhart.

The Lockharts have always loved the outdoors. Once their three boys came along, they graduated from tent camping to an RV.

“The RV turned into finding lots of campgrounds and lots of things we liked, so I think we gathered all those ideas from lots of camping experiences,” said Heather.


The duo took all those ideas and put them into Lockridge Park, their very own campground, complete with unique lodging, an event barn, a conference room, and a general store.

While the space appears complete to the visitor’s eye, the Lockharts have big plans to expand and add more lodging and experiences.

“The goal is to reinvest, reinvest, reinvest and keep building…ya know, ski shacks along here, a zip line across the lake eventually. Something that people can come and enjoy in the community. Ya know, stay here instead of going out of state,” said Brian.

If their guests have half as much fun as the Lockharts have had building the space, Lockridge Park will be around for a long, long time.

“We're very family oriented so we don't have a lot of outside people here helping us,” said Heather. “It's us, it's my dad, my mom, it's the children. It’s an incredible team. Even the ones that aren't family are family now.”

“We picked the perfect place,” said Brian.

You can learn more about Lockridge Park’s offerings here.