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Quick Comment On Michael

Posted at 7:38 PM, Oct 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-09 19:38:27-04
Computer model
European Model Pressure

The European Forecast model has been locked onto the developing of Michael since the onset.  As we mentioned in Sunday night’s post it was showing development to category 3, where it is now.  The National Hurricane Center is maintaining at Cat 3 strength until landfall.  It’s a MAJOR HURRICANE.

However, this afternoon’s Euro run is scary.  The spot of yellow just offshore between Panama City and Destin is computer forecasted central pressure down to 932-936 millibars.  That’s the pressure that Hurricane Hugo had when it decimated the South Carolna coast as a category 4 storm.  If this verifies, this is nothing like they’ve seen there in many years.  Hugo brought at 20 foot plus storm surge into McClellanville, SC.  The tree and infrastructure damage was amazing and visible for years afterward.

Given this scenario Pensacola gets a big storm.  Destin is hit extremely hard with the worst being from just east of Destin through Panama City to at least Appalachacola.  However, a 30 mile deviation to the left puts Destin at the epicenter.

I’ve texted, tweeted, and spoken to people who are thinking of riding it out.  This is not some little tropical storm or even a cat 1 storm…this has the potential to be a catastrophic monster.  If you have friends, relatives thinking of staying please tell them if they can still get out…do so.

We’ll continue to track its development tonight and Wednesday.