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Damaging Wind Gust

Posted at 10:46 PM, Dec 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-27 22:46:09-05

At around 9:30 this evening a line of strong and at times damaging wind gusts moved through south Lexington.  It caused damage to a wall under construction at the Summit shopping center.  The Fayette County location for the Kentucky Mesonet is located across the street and measured a 44 mph wind gust at 9:30.

Doppler Wind
Doppler Radar Measured Wind Velocity

At the same moment, the Louisville National Weather Service radar measured a 54 mph wind about 5000 feet up.  At the back edge of the rain some of that wind energy was able to briefly come down to the surface and caused the damage.

There was a Wind Advisory in effect as well.