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September Starts Spectacularly

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Posted at 5:03 PM, Aug 31, 2022

The calendar is flipping to September. It's one of our biggest transition months as we lose 10 degrees on average going from the mid 80 highs to the mid 70s by the end of the month and lows will fall on average to the low 50s which is certainly a cool feel. This happens as we're losing more than an hour of daylight by the end of the month. At this point we're losing almost 2 1/2 minutes per day. The equinox, which is the astronomical and true beginning of autumn, is September 22. It's also one of our driest months with under 3 1/2" on average.

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Our first day of September will be a dandy! High pressure is passing right overhead tonight and tomorrow giving us the clear skies, low humidity and cool nights. We'll be back down in the 50s tonight, but warm quickly into the 80s tomorrow afternoon.


The Labor Day Holiday weekend won't be as pristine. We'll have clouds and sun mixed through the weekend, but rain chances are now looking higher for both Sunday and Monday, in addition to the scattered storms on Saturday. The days don't look like washouts, but we'll have to contend with some plan B's from time to time over the holiday weekend.


One fun fact to know and tell for the tropics. Assuming the National Hurricane Center doesn't name any of the cloud swirls in the Atlantic before midnight, which it shouldn't, then this will only be the 4th August that did not get a named tropical storm (or storm of equivalent strength since storms weren't always named). The last time was in 1997 and prior to that we had to go back to 1961 and 1929. Truly amazing with the strong Saharan Dust Layer presenting a major reason why this utter lack of tropical activity in the Atlantic Basin.