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Snow Winds Down Saturday

But A Bitter Wind Chill Lingers
Posted at 4:25 AM, Mar 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-12 06:45:24-05

After a hefty hit of March snow Friday night we're in for a brief deep freeze Saturday into Saturday night. Lexington set a daily maximum snowfall record Friday, picking up 4.5". Beyond Saturday morning flurries the snow is out of here but with a strong northwest wind and highs mired in the 20s we'll have to deal with a bitter wind chill in the single digits and even subzero at times later in the evening. Snow on the ground, cold air in place and mostly clear skies means a frigid Sunday morning with lows in the upper single digits to low teens. As is often the case this time of the year, the cold snap will be short lived. A gusty southwest wind will drive highs into the 40s and 50s Sunday, the beginning of what will be a more significant warm up later in the week.