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Storm Chances Just In Time For The Weekend

Murphy's Law Of Weather Means Some Saturday Storms
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Posted at 4:59 PM, May 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-13 19:04:01-04

Our streak of dry days will end in time for your weekend. Saturday will see isolated popcorn storms pop up in the afternoon with the chance for a stronger thunderstorm in the evening as a cold front approaches. We have a very low end risk for a strong/severe storm from that and the Storm Prediction Center lists the western half of the area as a 'marginal' risk for severe storms.

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As your Saturday unfolds, the first of the thunderstorms should begin around lunch time and increase in coverage during the afternoon. By the latter part of the day, there will be a decent coverage of these isolated storms.

By the evening, a thunderstorm complex should be rolling out of Indiana, and that will bring the best chance for the stronger storms during the evening. The threat remains very small, but we'll keep out for any storms that could have some gusty winds late in the day and especially in the evening.

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This weekend also features a total eclipse of the moon. As opposed to a solar eclipse, this is perfectly safe and interesting to look at directly. The Earth will pass between the Sun and Moon and cast a shadow back on the Moon. The shadow casts a red color because light from the Sun refracts or bends through our atmosphere creating the red color. This year, the red may be even deeper because of dust and debris from the giant Tonga volcano eruption back in January.


The partial eclipse begins about 10:30 when the darkest part of the Earth's shadow begins impinging on the Moon. The totality of the 'Blood Moon' begins about 11:30 Sunday night and lasts until 12:53 late Sunday night/early Monday morning. Hopefully the clouds break enough for us to see it as there will be more storms scattered in the area Sunday night.