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Cool and soggy Derby Day

Flooding Still A Concern
Posted at 9:30 PM, May 06, 2022

Always remember, it could be worse weather wise for the Derby. If you were hoping for sunny and 75 there's always next year. In the wake of yesterday's storms we'll be caught in what's called the storm's backlash. We've been there several times this spring, and in fact we were there earlier this week. It's going to be overcast, cool, with a decent north wind keeping temperatures way below the normal high in the mid 70s. We'll end up spending the bulk of the day in the 50s, but by race time we may sneak into the lower 60's in Louisville. By the way, Lexington will likely not get out of those cool 50s! There's going to be a rain chance, but it will be light and pesky more than anything else. At Churchill, that should be gone by noon or so. For central and eastern Kentucky, the light rain will be around off and on well into the afternoon. So again, it could be deluges to contend snow...and not much of a sunburn! (although you can get a burn through the just takes longer)

LSR 56.jpg

The storms from Friday afternoon left about a half dozen wind damage reports, mainly in the southeast. We circled a line of damage reports from near Lake Cumberland south of Somerset to near Booneville. The damage south of Somerset was probably from a tornado. There's video of it on Lake Cumberland. We tracked its radar signature all the way to Breathitt County with the tornado warnings, but so far these are the only damage reports that have come in. The Laurel and Owsley county reports may just be straight line wind, but they're damage nonetheless.

Enjoy a calmer and cool Saturday as Kentucky gets to shine for the world!