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Tuesday's Warmth Leads To Strong Storms

Stay Weather Aware
Posted at 6:14 PM, Nov 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-28 19:50:59-05

We will enjoy a windy and warm day tomorrow with highs getting into the 60s and winds could be pushing 35 mph tomorrow afternoon. However, this late in the year temperatures in the 60s can lead to strong or severe storms. The threat is much higher to our south and west, but we'll still need to Stay Weather Aware tomorrow night.


We're in the midst of what's called the 2nd Season Of Severe Weather. It occurs in one form or another every year as we transition from the warm season to the cold. It's not as long or usually as violent as the spring season. But last year we saw the horrific exception to the rule with the big tornadoes in western Kentucky.


For us, the greatest severe weather threat will be Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning. Damaging wind gusts would be the biggest severe weather threat, but all modes are possible. The threats are bigger in western Kentucky than here, but still not as high as what areas of Tennessee and Mississippi will see.


The strong storms will precede a dandy of a cold front that will take highs back down to around 40 on Thursday, but then they will rebound quickly again by the weekend. Another storm threat will loom next week as well.