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We're Having A Heat Wave

It's Getting Hotter
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Posted at 5:37 PM, Jun 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-14 18:38:20-04

The core of the heat ridge has set up over the southeast in what's called a Great Smokies Heat Ridge. It's similar to often talked about 'Bermuda High', except this locates over the southeast US. It sets us up for some of the hottest weather we can experience as clouds become sparse with the sinking air under the ridge as the heat and humidity continue. We'll be close to record levels again tomorrow with a high in the mid and upper 90s (the record is 97) and the Heat Index getting back into the low 100s and may push 110. You'll need to take it easy again.


There is very little relief over the next week. We'll see low 90s by Friday and dropping into the low 80s with a short-lived break in the humidity this weekend. But don't get comfortable with that 'comfort'. Another surge of heat is poised to move in by the middle of next week with highs surging back to the upper 90s.

This morning was also historic with our low of 79 degrees. It's the warmest low temperature for any date since 1983 and it's only the second time we've had a low that warm in June. It's also only the 10th time in all of Lexington's weather history that a low has been 79 degrees or warmer.

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This is some pretty amazing stuff, so do your best to stay cool.