Gov. Beshear: Monday is potential target date to scale back COVID-19 restrictions

Posted at 7:37 AM, Mar 14, 2022

(LEX 18) — Monday could mark the start of a new chapter in Kentucky's fight against COVID-19. Exactly one month ago, Gov. Beshear identified March 14 as a target date for scaling back guidance.

The positivity rate was just below 18% at that time and there were nearly 2,000 cases reported that day. Fast forward to now and the latest reported positivity rate is about 6%.

This is the trajectory state officials wanted to see.

"Certainly if we are in that better place, the guidance will provide significantly more flexibility and recognition of where we are in the pandemic. With not only cases and positivity declining, but also omicron being something very different," said Beshear during a press conference a month ago.

As of last week, dozens of counties were still in the red zone for virus transmission, including Fayette County. Other counties including Scott, Woodford, Jessamine, and Clark counties are all in the red zone, as well as many eastern counties.

Meanwhile central Kentucky is filled with yellow and green, indicating lower rates of the virus.

We could see simplified guidance from state health officials as soon as Monday. The new guidance could impact everything from masking to physical distancing at public events.