Bryan Carroll: Detective says UK Hospital suspect was wearing body armor and armed during his arrest

Posted at 4:19 PM, Apr 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-01 18:10:01-04

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — Lots of new details were released for the man police say brought guns, body armor, and explosives to UK Hospital.

The incident happened one week ago, prompting a huge response from UK police, the FBI, and the ATF.

We got a lot of new details about what tipped off police involving suspect Bryan Carroll and exactly what investigators uncovered inside his car.

At Thursday's hearing, a UK police detective testified that last Thursday morning, Versailles police contacted them about trying to track down 44-year old Bryan Carroll.

The detective testified that police told him Carroll was headed to UK Chandler Medical Center because his mother had been taken there for a health issue. But what concerned everyone was that police in Versailles said he was known to carry weapons and explosives.

LEX 18 obtained security video from UK through an open records request. You can see Carroll wearing gloves, a mask, camouflage pants, and a security shirt walk into the UK emergency department.

Security camera video captures arrest at UK Hospital

UK police staged outside the emergency room once officials confirmed it was him on that security video.

They took Carroll into custody as he left the emergency room, but as Detective John Harder testified, it wasn't without a struggle.

"I was attempting to pull him back so I could get him to the ground," said Harder. "At that time, he pulled himself out of his shirt. He successfully got out of his shirt. At that time, we were able to see that he had body armor — hard and soft plates — inserted as well as a pistol on his hip and holster. At this time, Detective Reyes was able to wrap himself around his legs and force him to the ground."

Detective Harder says that the investigation showed that Carroll had another handgun on him and four more in his car along with two rifles, an AK-47 style and an AR-15 style one, in his back seat.

He says they also found four live explosive devices and one non-live IED.

"After speaking with the ATF, I was able to get an inventory list from the scene and there were 4 total other handguns to include a shotgun that had been illegally modified to be fired in a handgun configuration and the barrel had been cut and the stock had been modified to a pistol grip," said Harder.

Police credited UK's high-tech security system with bringing the situation to a safe end.

In addition, authorities say during a multi-day search of Carroll's Versailles home, they found more explosives. At Wednesday's hearing, Carroll's case was waived to a grand jury and his bond remains at $150,000. He faces multiple charges and at the hearing, there was talk about potential federal charges in the case as well.