Mayfield tornado victims: 'We got water'

mayfield kentucky storm damage.jpg
Posted at 7:44 AM, Dec 14, 2021

MAYFIELD, Ky. (LEX 18) — Every day we meet people who lost everything yet they're so thankful. On Monday, we met Mable Lovelace.

Her home is in shambles, her family room wall is flat on the ground, but Lovelace still feels lucky.

"Save these clothes, we need these clothes. Brand new clothes with tags still on them," said Lovelace.

She's pulled them from the very closet she ran to as Friday night's tornado stormed her house.

"I'm totally blessed to be here if it wasn't for my neighbor one of my girlfriend's son. Pulling me out of there," said Lovelace.

"It's a blessed day she's alive and even my dog's alive," said Robert Dumas.

That's Lovelace's brother, Robert, who is as happy as she is, but not about clothes.

"We got water. Come and bring your bucket that's why it's a good day."

He's talking about running water, which isn't just for drinking, you know.

"Our toilet has been stopped up for two days, this is like gold to us water in Mayfield."

That may seem minor to some, but it's a big deal here. It means Lovelace and her family can bathe, even if it's only to freshen up. They say buckets never meant so much to them.

"We got water where my sister almost died," said Dumas.

"My home is gone, I really truly blessed to have my life," said Lovelace.

And now, to have her running water, plus clothes to wear, even if she doesn't have a home.

"We need buckets of water—if anybody want water—we got it right here." said Lovelace.

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