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Gov. Beshear issues partial vetoes on 2022-24 budget bill

Posted at 7:42 AM, Apr 12, 2022

FRANKFORT, Ky. (LEX 18) — Gov. Andy Beshear is in the midst of issuing partial vetoes to Kentucky's 2022-24 budget bill, which totals about $73 million.

One of the governor's biggest issues with the budget is funding for education. Beshear believes lawmakers missed the mark on funding for K-12 schools.

While many state workers were given a significant raise—including social workers and state troopers—teachers were left out of those raises.

Republican lawmakers say teachers didn't receive raises because they're actually employees of local school boards, not the state.

These lawmakers argue the state shouldn't dictate raises for employees it doesn't oversee. But Beshear says it's been done before and he sees no reason why it couldn't be done now, especially since the state has the money.

The governor also vetoed an 8% pay increase for legislators. He says if teachers aren't receiving a raise then lawmakers and constitutional officers, including himself, shouldn't receive one either.

Part-time lawmakers in Kentucky make on average $60,000 a year, more than double the state's average wage.

Beshear has issued a slew of other vetoes in the past week, including a bill allowing lawyers to bring guns into court.

The governor says judges, prosecutors, and the State Fraternal Order of Police asked him to veto House Bill 690. The measure would allow lawyers to carry concealed weapons anywhere in Kentucky, including courtrooms. But Beshear said doing so could spark dangerous situations.

Lawmakers will be able to take up veto override efforts when they reconvene Wednesday in Frankfort.