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'Put the guns down': families plead for end to the violence after two homicides this weekend

Posted at 7:13 PM, Apr 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-19 19:14:29-04

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — Two families are mourning after two people were shot and killed in Lexington Sunday.

One of the victims, 28-year-old DeVante Bell, was shot on Pennebaker Drive and taken to the University of Kentucky Medical Center where he later died.

"Everybody who knew my brother knew how loving and caring he is," DeaMontray Dobbins said about his brother. "Everybody thought he was respectful. Everybody liked my brother who knew him. He was a really great person."

"He loves to smile," Theresa Lacefield said about her son, DeVante. "Very respectful person. He loves to do for people and he was a very solid football player. He played on semi-pro teams."

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Lacefield also said he was a great father to his 6-month-old son, DeVante Labuan Bell Jr.

"He was a loving, caring father," she said. "He would do whatever he needed to do for his son."

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Police have identified a suspect in the case. Carl Munford has been arrested and charged.

A GoFundMe has been set up to cover funeral expenses.

Bell's family is calling for an end to the gun violence in Lexington.

"Put the guns down," Lacefield said. "I don't see how anybody can hate somebody so much just to take a life."

"Everybody needs to sit down and take a reality check," Roger Gay, Bell's uncle, said. "Not just for our family but for every family going through this. We need to stop."

The same cries for peace are coming from Andre Maxberry. Her nephew, Lowell Washington, was shot and killed two weeks ago.

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"I just want these kids to understand that this could be you,' Maxberry said. "I just want it to stop cause I mean it could be your all's family next and like I said we don't forget none of it. We don't. We go on. Day to day livin' but we just existing out here."

Maxberry said she believes that talking to police is the best way to solve the problem.

"Talk to these police officers," she said. "Talk to these detectives. Give them names so they can get the boys off the streets. That's where it starts. If we can get them off the streets, we saving some lives."

She said her door is always open to those who don't want to go to police.

"Bring it to Nana," she said. "If you don't want to come to me, tell me where to meet you. I will come to you. I just want it to stop."

The second victim who was killed Sunday was identified as 17-year-old Hayden Nash by the coroner.

Police said a 14-year-old suspect and has been arrested and charged.

A "Stop the Violence" rally is set for Tuesday at Shiloh Baptist Church at 6 p.m.