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'Cruisin for a Cause' has a big turnout to help Lexington Habitat for Humanity

Posted at 6:56 PM, Jul 06, 2024

LEXINGTON, KY — Middleground Capital hosted a car show for the first time, raising money for Lexington Habitat for Humanity.

From muscles to luxury, the car show brought several types of vehicle for people to show off, including a car that will be with the family forever. "It was his father's, then his mother drove it, and now he has it. That's a sentimental example of a car," said the president of Motorheads Car Club, Ben Lay. "That has been in a family for well over 30 years."

Saturday afternoon, Middle Ground Capital brought the community together by holding a car show to raise money for Lexington Habitat for Humanity. Clayton Gullett, the co-founder of Cruisin for a Cause, was surprised by the turnout. "I was really nervous and a little scared. What if people don't come," said Gullett, "The fact that everybody is here and everyone is having a great time. It means a lot."

The Motorheads Car Club has been around for seven years, and they love to show their support to the communities by attending car shows that help charities. "It's just a really good group of people that are always helping each other out," said Ben Lay. "We are always supporting each other."

Ben Lay has been going to car shows for several years, primarily for charities. He enjoys knowing that just hanging out with friends and showing off his car to the community can influence a person's life. "It's a pretty good thing to make a difference," said Ben. "Having fun while you're doing. You know that's a win for everybody."

From classics to modern cars, anything that can bring a smile to someone can help make a difference.

"A smile can go a long way, and being able to be there for somebody, even if it's just talking makes a huge difference," said Gullett, and with Saturday's car show being a successful turnout, Middleground Capital is looking to make this an annual event.