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Information on LEX 18 rescan

Posted at 12:00 PM, Oct 17, 2019

(LEX 18) — If you get LEX 18 via an over the air antenna you will need to do a re-scan on your television after 2 p.m. on Friday, October 18. If you do not do the scan, you will no longer be able to see your favorite LEX18 and NBC programming.

A re-scan is an easy process that takes just a matter of seconds and requires no new equipment.

If you are a cable or satellite customer, as in you get your TV through providers like Spectrum or DirecTV, you do not have to do anything. Your signal will not be affected.

If you get LEX 18 via an antenna follow these instructions:

  1. Find your remote
  2. Press the menu button --> setup --> select auto-tune
  3. Your TV does the rest!

This process could vary slightly depending on the brand of your TV, so we have a list of links below that can help with any questions about your particular televisions. If you know someone who has already lost their signal, they will need to do this same process.

This is all happening because the FCC is condensing television channels in order to free up frequencies for cellphones and other mobile devices.

Again, cable and satellite customers are not affected by the re-scan. This only affects viewers who use an antenna.

Our engineer says if a regular rescan doesn’t work, try the following: 1) Disconnect the antenna from the receiver and re-scan with no input (this will clear the TV’s memory). 2) After that scan is complete, hook the antenna back up and re-scan one more time.

For additional questions or help contact LEX 18 the following ways:
You can send an email to 18engineering@wlex.tv , or call our engineering staff at 859-259-1818 or 800-255-4566 x100 during normal business hours, which are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Help with specific TV Manufacturers

-Samsung, Westinghouse, LG, Sony


http://files.sharpusa.com/Downloads/ForHome/HomeEntertainment/LCDTVs/Manuals/Sharp%20LC-42LB150U_13-0432_WEB_V1_ENG_Final_lr.pdf (page 18)




https://www.sunbritetv.com/media/pdf/3260HD/3260HD-operators-manual.pdf (page 28)


- Hisense

  • Press the INPUT button on your remote to view your current input source. ...
  • If the TV input is not selected, press INPUT until the TV input mode is selected.
  • Open the on-screen menu and select TV or Tuner option. ...
  • Highlight Tuner Mode and select the correct option: ...
  • Select Auto Search or Auto Channel Scan.


  • Press the MENU button to show the menu.
  • Press 5 on the remote control to access the settings.
  • Press 1 for the channel scan and then press 1 to begin scan for available channels.

After the scan completes, the channels will automatically update.